The Musings of Maria: The Truth About Transsexualism

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This book is a true story about a woman who grew up, not quite like all young women, but who nevertheless matured into a happy and productive member of our society.

Because she was never blessed with biological children of her own, she hopes that by telling her story here, and living her life honestly, joyfully and true to her faith, she will succeed in saving hundreds and maybe even thousands of children from unimaginable suffering, pain, and in many cases, even a premature death.

Now, fast approaching her seventies, the author has written this book to offer the reader just a few, but very intimate glimpses into that life based on love, faith, and personal integrity. Like most lives, there will be periods of darkness and pain as well as times of joy and happiness. You will share in her learning process and come to understand just how this one woman overcame what for so many can become a sad, lonely, and unnecessarily tragic existence.

The second part of this book deals with the misunderstanding and seemingly intentional mischaracterization of a very rare medical condition commonly referred to as transsexualism, but often confused and conflated with a trans-gendered life style.

You will come to understand the evolution of the current conglomeration of conflicting and often contradictory arguments used to advance the cause and agenda of transgender rights. In addition, you will be made aware of the tremendous damage done to those very few afflicted with this easily treatable medical condition, by this campaign in the name of the multitudes who desire the right to self-express their own personal gender “fluidity” or confusion.

This is a unique and important book that should be required reading for teachers, legislators, therapists and those in the health sciences, who have sworn to “do no harm”. This book is written by a woman who has actually lived this experience, and who has in the final analysis, “walked the walk”.


About R. Maria Soto

This book is offered in an effort to leave behind, a written
testimony to the experiences and principles which have
guided and helped to shape my life and have allowed me to realize my dreams and to
live and enjoy my life to the fullest.

I leave my greatest gratitude to my Mother, who reared
me, my Country, that nurtured me - providing opportunities
beyond measure - and my Faith, which provided me the
strength and the guidance to overcome the unimaginable and to finally,
find my way home.

This book is dedicated to you the reader. Whether you were
born trans-sexed, trans-gendered or just happen to know or
love somebody that was. I wrote this book for you, that you
might understand that while we are all different, our ultimate
calling is to help one another get through this life as
best we can.



The Promise - 1

The promise that was made to me has been made, in one way or another, to every man, woman and child that has ever walked or crawled upon this earth. It has been made collectively in one way or another to every people and culture that has ever existed on this planet, and its understanding, can be found in the deepest recesses of every beating human heart.

I will speak to that promise, which was made to me as a very young child, and has been with me in every waking moment, and in every forgotten dream. I will leave it to you the reader, to open your own heart, listening carefully, that you too might understand that promise of never-ending, unconditional Love.

That Promise of which I speak, was made to me as a very young child, and came to me in a very vivid dream. Some might even call it a vision, or an apparition. I can still remember it even today, as though it were just yesterday, or last night, even though it occurred more than sixty years ago. I will describe it to you as best I can with the caveat that this ‘vision’ was experienced through the innocent eyes of a five year old child.

I was laying fast asleep in my bed at home, having finally cried myself to sleep. `The reason for this unprecedented turmoil was that I had just been unceremoniously subjected to thee most psychologically traumatic experience of my short little life. Earlier that day, I had been pulled out of a group of young girls in my kindergarten class, and told to go stand with the boys.

In truth, I just did not have the mental capacity to understand the staggering consequences that this singular event would have on my life and my future, but I did understand that something, was very, very wrong. It was this ‘wrongness’, and the utter confusion which it wrought, that had me so terribly upset. I mean, why? Why was I told to go stand with the boys? I was not a boy. I was a girl! What did this mean? Why did my teachers think I was a boy? I was a girl! How could they not see that?

At the time, I was simply stunned into docile compliance, but when I got home, the pathos, the horror and the utter confusion that I felt—all of that and more— came pouring out of my tiny little body like flood waters crashing uncontrollably through a breach in a dam. It must have been stunning to my Mother who handled it with her typical, seemingly other worldly, motherly aplomb.

I clearly remember how she comforted me that afternoon and wiped away my tears, holding me in her arms while she warmed my milk. She told me that without question, everything would be ‘just fine’. She promised me that God, who could do anything, could easily figure this all out and make things all right for me. After all, how could a God who provided for even the little birds in the field, not provide for me, one of His beloved children. In my child-like innocence, I believed my Mother, without question.

The one thing that must be understood, is that such a trauma is not needed or required to become aware of, or to come to understand this Promise, or our place in the Universe. Man, as a species, has been searching for answers to his own existence, since he first climbed out of the trees and took the time to lay flat on his back and gaze out into the cosmos.

In fact, I highly recommend that you do just that. Find a safe place, far from any city lights, like the top of a mountain, or the middle of an ocean or desert, and then go there on a clear moonless night. Bring a friend, a warm blanket and a pair of binoculars. I can guarantee that you will be humbled and amazed, by not just the myriads of stars and planets, but by the breathtaking numbers of spiral galaxies visible with just that inexpensive visual aid.

The other thing that is of note is the unparalleled power of a Mother’s Love for her child. In my case, it was literally, the difference between life and death. And so it was, that with my Mother’s love, my warm milk, and a child’s innocent Faith, I was laid tearfully, yet peacefully to rest.


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